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Noah Could Not Navigate - Audio, video, lyrics

This is a capstan shanty after the old tradition with some modern-day United-Statesian lunacy woven in: climate change deniers, conspiracy theorists, and educators who believe dinosaurs sailed aboard Noah's Ark. For example: 

Climate change deniers 
Noah heard their howls and groans 
As the Ark she floated off 
And they all met Davy Jones! 

The song is aided and abetted by natural sounds of waves, gulls, thunder, rain, and... wait for it... loons! 

Forget the looniness around you for these few minutes and have fun imagining yourself as the bosun or first mate aboard an old sailing ship that somehow glided into a fog bank and emerged in 2016, singing out the Noah's Ark story to your crew as they heave at the capstan, as only a crusty old salt can tell the tale. Back story on my blog... 

If there's a mariner in your life (or even just lurking inside you), you'll want to get a copy of this track for him/her/you. Whatever you do, don't run your ship aground on a mountaintop!

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Song art image - Noah Could Not Navigate

Old Noah could not navigate
But still he built a boat
She had nor sails nor steering gear
But leastways she did float

Weigh, hey! Heave away!
Heave the capstan 'round
Weigh, hey! Heave away!
Heave the anchor off the ground

He builded every cubit
As Jehovah him did tell
And he pitched her in and out with pitch
She must have looked like hell!

The beasties came from near and far
From ants to wild boars
And Texas educators tell us
Also dinosaurs

His neighbors they did mock him
Saying old Noah was insane
Conspiracy theories abounded
Even as it began to rain

Climate change deniers
Noah heard their howls and groans
As the Ark she floated off
And the all met Davy Jones

Old Noah could not navigate
Just rode before the gale
And he ran her aground on a mountain top
And so here ends my tale

Written, performed and produced by Robert Palomo. Copyright © 2016 - All rights reserved.

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