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Irish For a Day

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Why is it that people who won't even go near St. Valentine's Day will cheerfully don their best green and go all out for St. Patrick's Day? Personally, I suspect it's the beer.

Anyway... here's a song in classic Irish style (complete with bogus Irish accent!) by an American of Hispanic descent, who lives in Russia, and plays and writes music for the banjo, which originated in Africa. (Folks, it's no big deal for ME to become Irish for a day!)

It's got everything you need to party down for St. Paddy's: saints, snakes, colleens, beer (green and Guinness!), parades... and there's even a caps-off reverent moment when the banjo and a cathedral pipe organ play together to honor the good saint for reasons you'll just have to listen to find out.

You don't need that first drop of Irish blood in you to enjoy this one all year round. Even if you're pure County Cork you're sure to get a tickle. More than a few drops of good Irish beer is a recommended accompaniment for all and sundry... assumin' they be of legal, age o'course, Officer!


Once again it's time
For the wearin' o' the green
Every year we do it here on March the 17
When folk the whole world o'er
Are Irish for a day
To honor old Saint Paddy
Who drove the snakes away

Today we're at O'Leary's
Each with out sweet colleen
We're toasting old Saint Paddy
With beer that's foaming green
While others are parading
Outside in the chill
We'll be here at O'Leary's
Until we've drunk our fill

Now there's one thing ye can count on
Folk of the Emerald Isle
Are truly fond o' Guinness
And we have been for a while
And after that our favorite
At O'Leary's here by far
Is the painting of Saint Paddy
Mike hangs above the bar

Now Paddy he's me favorite saint
Of ancient Irish stock
I'll take him o'er St. Jarlath
Or old St. Toirdelbach
Come on me buckin' boyos now
And raise yer glasses high
To the saint who don't require ye
To keep yer whistle dry