Is it 25 years already? (Long read) 

On June 15, 1996, an Aeroflot flight departed from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, bound for Shannon, Ireland. Aboard it were myself, my wife, and my two step-daughters, then ages 12 and 8. On the morning of June 16, we caught a connecting flight that landed us in Saint Petersburg, the three ladies’ birthplace, which had only recently reverted to its original name.

We had a plan. I’d been working long hours at several companies for 5  years without a vacation. I was burnt out, and I would take a…

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A new Pirate Song for the new Golden Age of Piracy  

PIRATE: any plunderer, predator, etc. 

People generally think that the "Golden Age of Piracy" was centuries in the past. True, there was one back then. However, if you think about it, we're seeing another one right now. But today's pirates have wised up quite a lot. Not for them any cramped, smelly, leaky wooden sailing ships, at the mercy of winds and waves, as like as not to be scuttled to Davy Jones in the next big blow. Not for them the insecurity that outraged Authority is chafing to hang them high if they're ever recognized ashore. 

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Isolation is the mother of my new shanty crew 

I am not overly excited to announce the debut of my new sea shanty group "The Stormy Dan'ls". Almost as improbable as integrity and erudition in politics, all the guys in the group are named Dan'l. They're pretty much scum and dregs, rather like the denizens of many American state legislatures. But shanty singers have always been in short supply where I live, and even more than usual in times like these, one must take what one can get. Allow me to introduce them. 

Dartmoor Dan'l

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HostBaby to Bandzoogle migration oopsie 

HostBaby hosting customers whose website was migrated from HostBaby to #Bandzoogle: if you had a blog on HostBaby, the migration probably trashed all your blog URLs (at least it did mine).

The underscore characters in the HostBaby URLs all got converted to dashes, and there's a second "blog" in the URLs now. So what was "" is now "".

That means all search engine links are now broken (at least until they crawl your site again). Any fans…

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Add some salt to Valentines Day sweetness  

I'm not known for my renditions of traditional sea shanties and songs. In fact, some may doubt that I even know any. Some time ago I laid down some tracks for the classic traditional shanty Bound for the Rio Grande. Then I forgot about them until a couple of weeks ago. I found that they weren't the worst I'd ever recorded. So I've mixed, mastered, and launched this new recording down the ways.

According to my English shantymate Peter, this is a traditional windlass and capstan shanty that was one of the…

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Especially for Mermaids 

You may or may not remember from high school physics class that water is an amazing conductor of sound. So good, in fact, that sounds which are quite ordinary and unobtrusive on land can be highly disturbing, if not downright painful for sea creatures.

Such is quite definitely the case with Mermaids. Jangly things that we land creatures like for rhythms and sparkle can actually cross the pain threshold for them — bits such as tambourines, bells, triangles, cymbals and the like. I didn't know that when I…

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Join me on Facebook Live - Sundays thru August 

I've been invited to perform at the Teign Shanty Festival in the UK in late September. I'm hosting a series of mini-concerts on Facebook Live, to get myself out of studio mode and into live mode.

Sessions will be short: 2-3 songs max. I'll be premiering some brand new songs, never before performed. I'll post an Event on my Facebook page ahead of each session. Here's the plan:

  • 07 - OLD & NEW NIGHT: Featuring some old old, new old, and brand new never before performed sea songs.

  • 14 - MANDOLIN
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Good St. Patrick - how about a repeat performance? 

Legend tells us that it was Saint Patrick who drove the snakes from the Emerald Isle. Pundits have pontificated that snakes in the St. Paddy legend represent Evil. Fine and dandy - let's go with that. Now let's talk about the big island where I was born and grew up.

It's not really an island in the geographical sense. But it certainly is in the minds of a significant portion of the populace. In fact, in the minds of most of the members of a certain elephantine political party, it's a walled island - or…

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Drowning in insipid Christmas music? Grab this! 

'Tis the Season. By mid-December every year (if not sooner) you're no doubt thoroughly sick of hearing the same old same old Christmas songs incessantly flung at your head everywhere you go. Here's salty relief from all that insipid holiday musical drivel!

Salty Sailor Carols

What if those old carols had been composed by salty old sea dogs in days of yore? This medley re-imagines 6 classic Christmas carols as old-time sailors might have sung them (except that these are probably less rude!)


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Harwich Shanty Festival 2018 Dates 

Once again I and the venerable gents of the Men Overboard maritime folk trio will be heading to Harwich, Essex, England to perform my New Old Sea Songs (and a few oldies too) at the 2018 Harwich International Sea Shanty Festival. This year's festival takes place October 5-8. We'd love to see you at any of the scheduled Men Overboard shows:

Friday (05 Oct.)
13:00  Ha’penny Pier 45-50 min.
16:00 Crown Post 2-3 songs, part of a multi-artist event

Saturday (06 Oct.)
11:15 Shanty Train - advance tickets required

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