A new Pirate Song for the new Golden Age of Piracy 

PIRATE: any plunderer, predator, etc. 

People generally think that the "Golden Age of Piracy" was centuries in the past. True, there was one back then. However, if you think about it, we're seeing another one right now. But today's pirates have wised up quite a lot. Not for them any cramped, smelly, leaky wooden sailing ships, at the mercy of winds and waves, as like as not to be scuttled to Davy Jones in the next big blow. Not for them the insecurity that outraged Authority is chafing to hang them high if they're ever recognized ashore. 

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Isolation is the mother of my new shanty crew

I am not overly excited to announce the debut of my new sea shanty group "The Stormy Dan'ls". Almost as improbable as integrity and erudition in politics, all the guys in the group are named Dan'l. They're pretty much scum…

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HostBaby to Bandzoogle migration oopsie

HostBaby hosting customers whose website was migrated from HostBaby to #Bandzoogle: if you had a blog on HostBaby, the migration probably trashed all your blog URLs (at least it did mine).

The underscore characters in the HostBaby URLs all got…

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Add some salt to Valentines Day sweetness 

I'm not known for my renditions of traditional sea shanties and songs. In fact, some may doubt that I even know any. Some time ago I laid down some tracks for the classic traditional shanty Bound for the Rio Grande

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Especially for Mermaids

You may or may not remember from high school physics class that water is an amazing conductor of sound. So good, in fact, that sounds which are quite ordinary and unobtrusive on land can be highly disturbing, if not…

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