Zero Reasons Why Cape Cod Girls Don't Wear Clothes

Well, the pundits say I should be blogging a lot more than I do. But I figure there's already too much noise out there in the blogosphere, and if you're going to bother with my blog you ought to get something out of it. So here's my arrangement of the traditional American sea shanty Cape Cod Girls. I arranged it for performance by Saint Petersburg's "Santy Choir Tallship Mir" that I play and sing with on occasion.

I ran across a video of a shanty group doing a similar last verse. The Cape Cod girls wearing no clothes part was OK, but their next line seemed out of nowhere and didn't really relate. I liked the idea of a last verse where "them Cape Cod girls don't wear no clothes" to give the guys in the group a chance to hoot 'n holler a bit, which gets audiences stoked up, and a good time is had by all. So I added it to the arrangement, but wrote in my own last line. If your low prurient mind runs that way, you might decide it is referring to S*X - so BE WARNED! It could still be enough to get it banned on some U.S. sites (as my original Haul Up the Main was - woop!)

OK, enough out of me... listen to the song. If you like it, you can download it for free. Just be sure to tell your friends where you got it, OK?

As with all my other tunes to date, this is a DIY project. I play and sing everything. Jack of many. Master of none. Enjoy!

If the lyric isn't enough to get the tune banned,
maybe the song art image will do the trick!

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