Plain Old Ordinary F-ing Wednesday

 Black Friday - gone. Cyber Monday - gone. Giving Tuesday - gone. Today is Plain Old Ordinary F-ing Wednesday!

POOFW is the day when you...

  1. Listen to my new holiday sea shanty,

  2. Share the web page with everyone you can think of,

  3. Buy a few copies for people on the El Cheapo end of your holiday gift list, happy in the knowledge that you are...

Ready? Here we go...

Step 1: Listen

Step 2: Share

Copy the text in the box below and share it with family and friends via email and/or your favorite social media:

Step 3: Buy

Buy Heave Me Hearties All on CD Baby  Buy Heave Me Hearties All on Amazon  Buy Heave Me Hearties All on iTunes
I recommend CD Baby because you can get both MP3 and CD-quality audio.

If you miss POOFW today, there will be another one next week.

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