Join me on Facebook Live - Sundays thru August

I've been invited to perform at the Teign Shanty Festival in the UK in late September. I'm hosting a series of mini-concerts on Facebook Live, to get myself out of studio mode and into live mode.

Sessions will be short: 2-3 songs max. I'll be premiering some brand new songs, never before performed. I'll post an Event on my Facebook page ahead of each session. Here's the plan:


  • 07 - OLD & NEW NIGHT: Featuring some old old, new old, and brand new never before performed sea songs.
  • 14 - MANDOLIN NIGHT: Watch as I attempt to play a few songs on an instrument traditionally played by sailors, but which I don't really know how to play! Another brand new, never before performed song will have its online premiere.
  • 21 - EDWARD LEAR NIGHT: Two nonsense poems for children by the 19th century English poet, set to music by me. Both have a seafaring theme. Bring the kids or grandkids!
  • 28 - AMERICANA NIGHT: Old and new songs for salt and freshwater mariners, with an American flavor of banjo.


  • 04 - BAND NIGHT: a couple of my New Old Sea Songs played with backing tracks. Hear what my band might sound like if I had one!
  • 11 - SHANTY NIGHT: original songs with a classic sea shanty format. Featuring my ode to the King of the Deep, and a salty retelling of the Noah's Ark story with some strictly 21-st century lunacy woven in.
  • 21 - IRISH NIGHT: a couple of originals with a touch o' the Emerald Isle. Online premier of a poignant sailor's lament about lost love, and the popular tale of the cruelest pirate of Irish alternative history.
  • 25 - RUSSIA NIGHT: Last but not least as the summer winds down: a salty salute to the people of the city I've called home for almost 1/4 century, plus an original Russian translation of the classic English shanty "Nelson's Blood".

Being as how my social circle is not huge, I'd very much appreciate you passing the link to this post around to folks you know. Hope to see you on one or more Salty Summer Sunday Soireé!


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