HostBaby to Bandzoogle migration oopsie

HostBaby hosting customers whose website was migrated from HostBaby to #Bandzoogle: if you had a blog on HostBaby, the migration probably trashed all your blog URLs (at least it did mine).

The underscore characters in the HostBaby URLs all got converted to dashes, and there's a second "blog" in the URLs now. So what was "" is now "".

That means all search engine links are now broken (at least until they crawl your site again). Any fans and others who bookmarked a post won't find it again. But most importantly, any links you have on your web pages (and blog posts) that point to blog posts are probably broken now. If that's important to you, you'll need to fix them manually.

I don't know which company screwed that up. HostBaby specifically promised me in an email that all URLs from my old site would be maintained. For web pages, they were. For blog posts, nope.

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