Henchman - Helping Opressors Oppress Since Forever

Here is some butt-kicking rock-n-roll... music for the New Resistance with acerbic socio-political criticism along the lines of CS&N's classics like "Ohio" and "For What It's Worth", and "It Won't Go Away", Stephen Stills' blistering critique of racism.

Written over a couple of years as I watched from afar as ignorance, inequality and bigotry replaced erudition, decency and common sense in my native USA. In the events of mice and men, there come times when you gotta take a stand. I feel that now is one of those times and this song reflects where I unapologetically stand.

Original Song Lyrics

I'd like to get me a good job as a henchman
In the service of some Fearless Leader bold
I’ve heard tell you can do quite well
As a henchman
If you’re good at doing, at doing what you’re told

Thru the ages it has always been the henchman
Who ensured that Fearless Leaders kept their powers
The pay and benefits can be quite good
When you’re a henchman
Even if you ain’t too crazy about the hours

I’d like to get me a good job as a henchman
I think that I could do it really well
You advance and succeed
Making other people bleed
Til you retire to the sultry side of Hell

Now there are Leaders, Leaders who are truly Fearless
And others they’re just morons of some kind
Who dance on strings that are pulled by henchmen
Who do their Fearless Leading from behind

Well I know I ain’t cut out for Fearless Leading
But I know I’d feel real good carrying ‘round a gun
Yeah, I think I’d make a real first-class henchman
For a Fearless Leader who would give me one


The job to slaughter the Innocents went to henchmen
And henchmen got the contract to gas 6 million Jews
Where are they today? Where are all the henchmen?
They’re still out there, and won’t hesitate to slaughter you

All through history we’ve been cursed with Fearless Leaders
Overmastered by their egos and their greed
And we ain’t had no shortage of well-qualified henchmen
Making good money doing their dirty deeds


Til you retire to the sultry side of Hell

Henchman - Copyright © 2016 Robert Palomo Jr.



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