Down Down Down - A Phrophetable Sea Song

I was planning on releasing this song later this year. I think the production could have used a little more work. But events along the southern border of my native country have caused me to push it up and toss it out, blemishes and all.

song title art For quite some time I have marveled at the deafening silence emanating from the mainstream religious element in my native U.S.A. - a country that's always been big on organized religion. As a kid being fed nice white protestant goop, my favorite Bible stories were those about the old-time prophets who weren't shy about looking kings in the eye and telling them what was what... even when miracles didn't immediately ensue to prove them right. I've been feeling like we could use a few of those old-timers on the scene today, but there seem to be none about.

All those professing religion seem to be fine with everything the State is doing, from advocating unquestioning obedience to abusing innocent children.

Where are them fiery old-time Prophets when we needs 'em? Heaven knows the likes of me, the obscure maritime folk singer, is a far cry from anything like them. But it seems like it's time somebody started to deliver the same message to the kings of today as the old-timers delivered to those of the past:

Ahoy there you for the deeds you do
Yer ruddy old soul will be goin' to...

Downloading is free (or not, you may voluntarily let go of a buck or so - I will be donating all profits to the American Civil Liberties Union). Get a copy. Share it with Fearless Leaders who advocate concentration camps for children.
To let them know what they have to look forward to. So they won't be able to say nobody ever tried to warn them. 

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