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Cape Cod Girls - Audio, lyrics

Here's is a sparse, primitive-sounding arrangement of a traditional American sea shanty. It might have sounded something like this on shipboard back in the days of sail. There's only a banjo, voice, and a set of 6 antique brass door keys. The drum-like sound is actually just tapping on the banjo head.

This was recorded in my home studio near Saint Petersburg, Russia late one night when I couldn't sleep and was just fooling around. Years later I discovered it lurking on an external drive. I remember I had been reading about the U.S. opoid drug crisis and the role of big pharmaceutical companies in creating it. Evidently some disgust lingered in my consciousness, because a snide reference found it's way into one verse. I've decided to leave it.

NOTE: I have another recording of this song with a full shanty group arrangement. To avoid confusion here, I've only put it on - HERE.

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I don't have a video for the audio track you can listen to above (videos take time - maybe later!) -  but the music on this video is also centered around the banjo.

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Well Cape Cod girls don't use no combs
Heave away, haul away
They combs their hair with codfish bones
And we're bound away for Australia

Well heave her up my bully bully boys
Heave away, haul away
Heave her up and don't you make a noise
We are bound away for Australia

Cape Cod boys don't have no sleds
Heave away, haul away
They slides downhill on codfish heads
And we're bound away for Australia

Cape Cod dames don't wear no frills
Heave away, haul away
They're bony and thin like codfish gills
And we're bound away for Australia

Now them Cape Cod cats ain't got  no tails
Heave away, haul away
They all blew off in the Cape Cod gales
And we're bound away for Australia

The Cape Cod folks don't have no ills
Heave away, haul away
Cape Cod doctors feed 'em opoid  pills
And we're bound away for Australia

Now them Cape Cod girls don't wear no clothes
Heave away, haul away
We'd keep them warm when the north wind blows
But we're bound away for Australia

Performed and produced by Robert Palomo. Copyright ©2021 - All rights reserved.

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