Isolation is the mother of my new shanty crew

I am REALLY excited to announce the debut of my new sea shanty group "The Stormy Dan'ls"! Almost as improbable as integrity and erudition in politics, all the guys in the group are named Dan'l. They're pretty much scum and…


HostBaby to Bandzoogle migration oopsie

HostBaby hosting customers whose website was migrated from HostBaby to #Bandzoogle: if you had a blog on HostBaby, the migration probably trashed all your blog URLs (at least it did mine).

The underscore characters in the HostBaby URLs all got…

Add some salt to Valentines Day sweetness 

I'm not known for my renditions of traditional sea shanties and songs. In fact, some may doubt that I even know any. Some time ago I laid down some tracks for the classic traditional shanty Bound for the Rio Grande

Especially for Mermaids

You may or may not remember from high school physics class that water is an amazing conductor of sound. So good, in fact, that sounds which are quite ordinary and unobtrusive on land can be highly disturbing, if not…

Good St. Patrick - how about a repeat performance?

Legend tells us that it was Saint Patrick who drove the snakes from the Emerald Isle. Pundits have pontificated that snakes in the St. Paddy legend represent Evil. Fine and dandy - let's go with that. Now let's talk…

Drowning in insipid Christmas music? Grab this!

'Tis the Season. By mid-December every year (if not sooner) you're no doubt thoroughly sick of hearing the same old same old Christmas songs incessantly flung at your head everywhere you go. Here's salty relief from all that insipid holiday…

Down Down Down - A Phrophetable Sea Song

I was planning on releasing this song later this year. I think the production could have used a little more work. But events along the southern border of my native country have caused me to push it up and toss…

One of my sadder gigs

"Nobody's right when everybody's wrong" - Stephen Stills, "For What It's Worth" (1966)

"They'll storm the gates of Hell itself, to the tune of a single drum" - Gordon Lightfoot, "Protocol" (1976)

"There's a power av virtue in keepin' things