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Maritime Folk Songs

Song art image: Shillelagh O'Toole pirate by Nick GowmanSingle: "Ballad of Shillelagh O'Toole"

Ireland's cruelest pirate wreaks blackthorn havoc upon the high seas until one fateful day when he meets a man whose shillelagh is bigger than his. Haven't heard it yet? Be my guest!

Song art imageSingle: "Bound for Jamaica's Shore"

A dreamy new sea shanty like memories of old-time sailing adventures and misadventures, and tropical isles with waving palms. Haven't heard it? Be my guest:

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 Song art imageSingle: "Cabin Boy"

The sad sad plight of a young lad who ran away to sea dreaming of a life of romance and adventure only to have youthful dreams collide with stark shipboard reality – and a sleazy bosun. As told in a letter home to Mother! Haven't heard it yet? Have a listen here:

 Song art imageSingle: "Cloudy and Cold" LATEST!

A salty salute to the city I've called home for the past 20 years, and it's people who, if they were sailors, wouldn't care that it's Cloudy and Cold yesterday, today, and forever... they'd up-anchor and sail anyway. Haven't heard it yet? Have a listen here:

Song art imageSingle: "Fridge on the Bridge of Atyla"

A rollicking new sea song after the style of the old, dedicated to my friends who run Atyla Ship! Haven't heard it? Be my guest: 

Song art imageSingle: "Haul Up the Main"

A kooky new sea shanty in the character of many old classics. That is to say, ribald, sexist, and irreverent! Haven't heard it? Here you go:

 Song art imageSingle: "Heave Me Hearties All"

Another original sea shanty in the style of the classics, a bit irreverent, a bit bawdy, but with a Christmas season theme. Perfect with your holiday eggnog... or any other time of year! Haven't heard it? Be my guest:

 Song art imageSingle: "Hoist the Jolly Roger"

Here's a pirate song (inspired by 21st century American big business and politics) that tries hard not to romanticize pirates, who were truly evil scum. Unfortunately it fails in this, and so pirates still come out smelling like a rose. Haven't heard it yet? Listen now - OR ELSE!

 Song art imageSingle: "Noah Could Not Navigate"

A capstan type shanty after the old tradition, but with some modern-day United-Statesian lunacy woven in: climate change deniers meet Davy Jones! Haven't heard it yet? Maybe you'd better:

Song art image - rum bottle with tall ship labelSingle: "Port Royal Rum"

A salty ballad about a hardy young whaling man who became much too fond of Jamaican rum. You young lubbers learn a lesson form this. (Nah... ye won't!) Haven't heard it? Be my guest:

Other Songs

Here are some songs I've written and recorded in other genres before I got sucked in by the sea.

Song art imageSingle: "Corporation Blues"

A satirical critique of The Corporation, and behavior of same, especially the breed from my Native USA. Haven't heard it? Be my guest:

 Song art imageSingle: "Henchman"

Music for the New Resistance – classic style rock-n-roll with acerbic sociopolitical criticism. Oppressors cannot oppress without Henchmen.

Haven't heard it? Be my guest:

Song art imageSingle: "Irish for a Day"

Possibly the most fun you can have on St. Patrick's Day without beer. Or maybe even with beer. Haven't heard it yet? Be my guest:

Song art image - Morning DewSingle: "Morning Dew"

Banjo-centric folk-rock tune inspired by, well, you know, a member of the opposite sex. Like have been inspirin’ musicians since music was just 2 rocks banged together. Haven't heard it? Be my guest:

Song art image showing cathedral at Totma, RussiaSingle: "Totma Road"

A bluegrassy little tune to remind us that people everywhere have a lot in common, and that music can help us to get past the things that separate us. Haven't heard it? Be my guest:

Song art image - country cabin in winter at nightSingle: "Waiting Out the Winter"

A year-end, wintery acoustic country song with a little holiday cheer built in. Good listening for chilly winter nights and family gatherings no matter where you live. Haven't heard it? Go for it:

Song art image - brick wall, sign saying bar entranceSingle: "Who Knew?"

A corny love song about an unlikely but enduring romance that began in a Las Cruces honky-tonk with an order of cheap tacos. Haven't heard it? Well who knew? Listen now!



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