Who Knew?

In November,  2015 a virtual friend of mine mounted a songwriting challenge on alonetone.com: write a song around the words "who knew". Now I've learned to pay attention when he does that because a couple of my favorite tunes I've written in recent years stem from one of his challenges (see "Irish for a Day"). The full story about the writing process is over on my blog. (There's an audio version of the post too.) The end result is this corny love song about an unlikely but enduring romance that began in a Las Cruces honky-tonk with an order of cheap tacos. Break out the hot sauce and enjoy!

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Written, performed and produced by Robert Palomo
Song art photo: flickr/debaird (Creative Commons license)
Thanks to Greg Connor for the inspiration

Original Song Lyrics

Who knew?Oh your eyes they are beady
Too large is your snoot
Yer flat in your breastworks
And back in yer boot
Yer hair's thin and mousy
But good Lord above
Who knew that at first sight
I'd fall in love?

It was down in Las Cruces
In a honky-tonk bar
You were servin' up them juices
I was waitin' on my car
To get fixed down at Louie's Garage
Lord above!
You were some kinda vision
And I fell in love

We look back from the future
It's all we can do
We were blind at the time
Yes it's true
Hindsight's 20/20
Looking back we just laugh
Shake our heads, shrug
And just say "Who knew?"

At first you were shy
You wouldn't look me in the eye
Sir, we got 50-cent tacos
On special today
My head went all queer
I ordered six with my beer
And sat just there droolin'
As you walked away

To make a long story short
You eventually came around
Now it's been 15 years since
We laid our hearts down
Looking back from the future
That was all we could do
But that day in Las Cruces
Oh lordy, who knew?

Copyright © 2016 Robert Palomo Jr. All rights reserved.

Buy Who Knew on CD Baby

Also available on Amazon and iTunes