Other Songs

Here are some songs I've written and recorded in other genres before I got sucked in by the sea. If you like anything, please consider supporting my work with a digital download... one of the best ways you can support an indie artist. Read more...

Song art image  Single: "Corporation Blues"

A satirical critique of The Corporation, and behavior of same, especially the breed from my Native USA. Haven't heard it? Be my guest:


 Song art image  Single: "Henchman"

Music for the New Resistance – classic style rock-n-roll with acerbic sociopolitical criticism. Oppressors cannot oppress without Henchmen.

Haven't heard it? Be my guest:


Song art image  Single: "Irish for a Day"

Possibly the most fun you can have on St. Patrick's Day without beer. Or maybe even with beer. Haven't heard it yet? Be my guest:


Song art image - Morning DewSingle: "Morning Dew"

Banjo-centric folk-rock tune inspired by, well, you know, a member of the opposite sex. Like have been inspirin’ musicians since music was just 2 rocks banged together. Haven't heard it? Be my guest:


Song art image showing cathedral at Totma, RussiaSingle: "Totma Road"

A bluegrassy little tune to remind us that people everywhere have a lot in common, and that music can help us to get past the things that separate us. Haven't heard it? Be my guest:


Song art image - country cabin in winter at night Single: "Waiting Out the Winter"

A year-end, wintery acoustic country song with a little holiday cheer built in. Good listening for chilly winter nights and family gatherings no matter where you live. Haven't heard it? Go for it:


Song art image - brick wall, sign saying bar entrance  Single: "Who Knew?"

A corny love song about an unlikely but enduring romance that began in a Las Cruces honky-tonk with an order of cheap tacos. Haven't heard it? Well who knew? Listen now!


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