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You can listen to entire songs, not just short clips. Enjoy!

Waltzing Matilda

An Australian song played by an American of Hispanic descent living in Russia playing the banjo, which originated in Africa. It doesn't get any weirder, folks! Free to download.

Cape Cod Girls

My arrangement of a traditional American sea shanty featuring some not so traditional clawhammer style banjo, and a racy new last verse.

Eto Vsyo (That's All)

My arrangement of my favorite song by the Russian rock group DDT, written by leader Yuri Shevchuk, the father of Russian rock-n-roll.

Gum Tree Canoe

A 19th century minstrel tune attributed to S.S. Steele, resurrected and popularized by the late great John Hartford. This is my own arrangement.

Flowers Under the Snow

Written by my favorite fellow obscure songwriter, Greg Connor, from Minnesota, USA (home of the tuna-fish casserole!) Check out his music here!.

Little Liza Jane

Traditional American song I first heard down in the Ozarks when I was maybe 5. I wrote all the verses after the first because I couldn't remember the rest!

New York Girls

A 19th century sea shanty arranged with clawhammer-style banjo and a goofy pseudo-Irish accent! Free download.

Buffalo Gals

A 19th century minstrel show tune I first heard at family reunion picnics in the Ozark mountains of Missouri when I was a small child. Also free to download.

Auld Lang Syne - Loch Lomond

Great track for your next New Year's Eve party. Did it for a holiday banjo song contest. Didn't win. They wanted bluegrass. Hope you don't! Another freebie to download.

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