Down Down Down - A Phrophetable Sea Song

I was planning on releasing this song later this year. I think the production could have used a little more work. But events along the southern border of my native country have caused me to push it up and toss…

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One of my sadder gigs

"Nobody's right when everybody's wrong" - Stephen Stills, "For What It's Worth" (1966)

"They'll storm the gates of Hell itself, to the tune of a single drum" - Gordon Lightfoot, "Protocol" (1976)

"There's a power av virtue in keepin' things

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Papa Got A Brand New Axe (long read)

Weird situation. I have some festival gigs coming up but I found I had no suitable guitar. Oh, I could schlepp my Martin D35, but I don't care to subject such a pricey axe to the risks involved in travel…

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Music to Get Your Irish Up

It's that time of year again - a holiday that's like no other. The only one where the whole world can be Irish for a day. I don't know why it is that there's no day when we're all Chinese…

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No women's sea shanties? Think again.

If you stop and think about it, all the old sea shanties that have come down to us today were, as far as we know, composed by men, for men, and often about men. The ones about women were mostly…

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When the Rouble Sinks Write a Sea Shanty

Davy Jones - the story behind the sea shanty

The original name of the song was "The Rouble Song". I never meant it for the final title, and so it isn't. I can't recall without research the date when the…

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Been there. Done that. And it feels so good!

I have read English literature, or had it read to me, since before I could talk. I've always been somehow fascinated and charmed with English place names mentioned in books. They always made me feel that I'd like to visit…

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