Totma Road: Rough Ride, Smooth Bluegrass - and a New Picker in the Musical Family

In July of 2012, I rode the rugged road to Totma, Russia with Bill Evans & Friends (Barbara Lamb, Tim May, Todd Phillips) to play the Russia-America Bluegrass Jamboree, sponsored by the U.S. Consulate General at Saint Petersburg.

Eventually the discomfort of the road subsided and the romanticizing of the experience set in. The result is this bluegrassy little tune and video. I wasn't quite ready to release it yet, but there's a special reason to let 'er fly now!

I want to celebrate, with my friends Anastasia Gusyeva (the best bluegrass and old time fiddler in Russia!) and her dad Vladimir Gusev (my staunch banjo pickin' buddy), the birth of Nastay's first child yesterday: a health baby girl, whose name I don't know yet. You'll see both Nastya and Volodya in the short jam scene about midway thru.

Congratulations!! Поздравляем!!

P.S. The song isn't released for distribution yet, but it will be soon. Then it will be available from several sources in support of Doctors Without Borders.

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