The Most Fun You Can Have On St. Patrick's Day Without Beer!

Listening to this song on St. Patrick's Day might just be the most fun you can have without beer. Or maybe even with beer! (Assumin' ye be av legal age, av coorse!)

Here's a song in classic Irish style (complete with phony Irish accent!) by an American of Hispanic descent, who lives in Russia, and plays and writes music for the banjo, which originated in Africa. (Folks, it's no big deal for ME to become Irish for a day!)

Written back in 2009 (I think) for a songwriting challenge, Irish For a Day has got everything you need to party hearty on St. Paddy's: saints, snakes, colleens, beer (green and Guinness!), parades... and there's even a caps-off reverent moment when the banjo and a cathedral pipe organ play together to honor the good saint for reasons you'll just have to listen to find out.

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