New Virtual Merch Table is Online

Sometimes we miss the obvious. I sure did when I launched my single The Ballad of Shillelagh O'Toole on St. Patrick's Day, 2017. English cartoonist Nick Gowman had created such great cover artwork, but I totally zinged the possibility that folks who liked the song might like a little something more... a T-shirt, or mug, or an imprinted Popeil's Pocket Fisherman...

To my amazement a number of folks contacted me asking if I had O'Toole merch. A great "DUH!" moment for me. So I took a Sunday afternoon and evening, hopped over to Zazzle and got the ball rolling... make that... got the ship sailing!

Below you can see a couple of of the items you can get on my Virtual Merch Table. There's more there, and more to come as I have time to create items.

Question: what other official Shillelagh O'Tool items would interest you? I'm just guessing... you know better, so post a comment a let me know what you'd like to see on the table.

Merch items on Zazzle


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