New Flag Design for the Jersulam Embassy - The Jolly Donald

Once again I take to the troubadour tradition wherein satire and criticism are leveled at Authority and Power through music.

Title image You know things are pretty bad when world events enable you to create a parody of one of your own songs. My pirate song "Hoist the Jolly Roger" was inspired by previous antics of the creature who earlier this week tossed gasoline on the smoldering tinder of the Middle East by arrogantly moving the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. I thought the occasion called for a new American flag, designed especially to fly above that embassy. So I designed one. A prominent pirate motif seemed in order. Of course, the result can only be called the Jolly Donald!

I then realized that I could probably write some new lyrics to "Hoist the Jolly Roger" that would embody the spirit of the pirates who have boarded the government of my native country, and thus far managed to evade the ship of the line known as The Rule of Law. Here's the remake. They can play it as they hoist the Jolly Donald over the new embassy.


"Hoist the Jolly Donald" Lyrics

I flies the Jolly Donald
In the places overseas
Where I sends me son-in-law
To open embassies
While troops shoots unarmed people
That don't like what they sees

I'm a president bold
I'm rude, fat and old
I tweets from a head
What's made of pure gold
You loser swabs
Just do what yer told
Yo Ho! Yo Ho!
Hoist the Jolly Donald

I be the greatest business man
I knows just how to wheel
And how to screw me creditors
And laugh at 'em as they squeal
And I'll teach ye how to do it too
In me book "The Art of the Deal"


There was an uppity nigger-man
Once criticized me ways
I kicked him out of the White House
And now I spends me days
Scuttlin' everything he done
And makin' damned sure it pays


Oh I gets satisfaction
From inflicting misery
On the gullible suckers
That went and elected me
And lockin' up immigrant children
And throwin' away the key


With many a comely woman
I've took me lustful way
And then made sure that nobody
Would believe a word she'd say
I did it before I was president
And I'd do it again today


Original Version of the Song

In case you're wondering how this version differs: I just replaced the vocals in the original recording project with new ones, remixed, and remastered. Here's the original:

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