Musical Help for the January Blahs

Flowers Under the SnowWelcome to mid-January, 2015. By now we've mostly shed the holiday whoop-tee-doos and have embarked upon the January Depths of Winter Blahs. Gray skies. Snow. Cold. #interminable. But, as my virtual songwriter buddy Greg Connor reminded me with his lovely song "FLOWERS UNDER THE SNOW" ...winter is not forever.

Besides being obscure songwriters, Greg and I have another thing in common: we know about long dreary cold winters. His happen in Minnesota, USA. Mine happen in Saint Petersburg, Russia. No matter. It's about this time of year that you start wondering if sunshine, warmth, and green have departed permanently. When that happens, a little cheery banjo music can help you hang in there until spring starts springing.

So here is my rendition of Greg Connor's musical winter optimism, followed by a couple of winter songs of mine. Hang in there, folks!

Flowers Under the Snow

Marking Time

Waiting Out the Winter

Where the H*** is Springtime?

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