Morning Dew: the Intellectual and the Banjo Player - a Story of Doomed Love

Cover art imageGirlfriends are great, aren't they? I mean, they've inspired a lot of guys to write a lot music ever since music was just banging a couple of rocks together. So this song was inspired by one of those. (Girlfriends, not rocks.)

The year was 1990. The place was the heartland of America. The scene was during Insane Gulf War I. The girlfriend was an Arab. This did not go over well with my compatriots in said American heartland. Never mind that she was Lebanese, from a Christian family, a highly educated university professor, speaking flawless English (as well as French, Spanish, and of course, her native Arabic).

OK, knee-jerking morons will be knee-jerking morons, and this is all water long since over the dam. My native country has gone on to bigger and better insanity since those days. The only reason I bring it up is because it all ties in with the title of this song. Said girlfriend's name meant dew of the morning in Arabic - essentially "Morning Dew".

The song was written while the relationship was in full swing, and it prophesied the eventual outcome of that "short-sweet-hard-to-beat" affair that blind-sides everyone at least once in a lifetime (at least I sincerely hope so!) In retrospect, this one was doomed from the outset. Cultural differences? Linguistic barriers? No, no... nothing like that.

The lady was (and I presume still is) an intellectual. I was (and still am) a banjo player. How do these things happen? Lord have mercy on us poor worms here below.

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 Cover Art Photo: Elizaveta Revyakina


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