Join My St. Patrick's Day Photo Challenge

Small dog dressed for St. Patrick's DayDo you wear green and get wild and crazy on St. Patrick’s Day? Do you have photos to prove it? Then you could be part of the lyrics video for my new single “Irish for a Day”, to be released on… you guessed it… March 17!

The video is just a slide show of photos of people all over the world celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, in keeping with the lyric “When folk the whole world o’er, are Irish for a day, to honor old Saint Paddy...” It’s all for a good cause: raising money for Doctors Without Borders.

Here's a short clip... and you're one of the first to hear it!


  • I need 3 or 4 visually arresting pics of people (that’d be you and your friends!) wearing goofy green costumes and getting wild and crazy celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in some kind of obviously international setting.
  • Pets can be included as long as they’re not too nauseatingly cute (drunk people will be seeing this video, OK?)
  • No ruder than PG-13, OK?
  • Pics smaller than 1024 x 768 just won’t work well. 1280 x 720 is ideal. 

Photo must be your own original work. By sending it to me, you certify that it is, and you agree to allow it to be used in my video which will be posted on YouTube and Vimeo, and posted on my blog. You will be credited in the rolling credits, of course. 


  • Everyone who sends me a pic will receive a link to download a free CD-quality copy of the song after it’s released.

  • If I select your photo for the video, I’ll make you a special souvenir copy of the video highlighting your photo with a personal thank-you message at the end. You can post it on your own YouTube channel if you like.

  • Even if I don’t use your pic in the video, I’ll post it on my blog with credit… and a link to your site, blog, Facebook page, Instagram profile, or whatever. If you want to be credited by an internet handle rather than your real name, that’s fine, just tell me what you want.

Send photos or a Dropbox or other link to:

DEADLINE: March 5, 2015 – gotta have it by then to have time to pick pics and produce! Looking forward to seeing what you've got!

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