Isolation is the mother of my new shanty crew

I am REALLY excited to announce the debut of my new sea shanty group "The Stormy Dan'ls"! Almost as improbable as integrity and erudition in politics, all the guys in the group are named Dan'l. They're pretty much scum and dregs, rather like the denizens of many American state legislatures. But shanty singers have always been in short supply where I live, and in times like these, one takes what one can get. Allow me to introduce them. 

Dartmoor Dan'l - Was he ever incarcerated in the famous Devonian prison? He's not telling and it seemed better not to press the matter too far. If he wasn't, it's a definite lapse on the part of the authorities.

Dartmoor Dan'l

Dinghy-oar Dan'l - Found tranquilly floating on the Baltic in a rubber raft, he really belongs in a rubber room. Claims he was paddling home across a Tahiti lagoon after a few mai-tais at the Tiki bar and took a wrong turn. But he does sing tenor. One takes what one can get.

Dinghy-oar Dan'l

Dredgebottom Dan'l - Dredging bottom was certainly what I did when I signed him on. Gaslighter extraordinaire, with rare talent for dragging things through the muck - much like the current regime in my native country. He reminds me of my native shores, in a fetid sort of way. Sings basso, of course.

Dredgebottom Dan'l

Drunken-whelp Dan'l - The name says it all, folks. One takes what one can get.

Drunken-whelp Dan'l

This new tidal force in the shanty world has been spawned in unprecedented times of Social Distancing, which is definitely the best way to work with these guys. The more the better. No, we have no plans to tour. Ever.

The Stormy Dan'ls Introduction Video

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