Higginsville Thunderbolt and Battle Cry of Freedom - Banjo music inspired by Mark Twain

Higginsville Thunderbold and Battle Cry of FreedomOne of my favorite Mark Twain short stories is "Journalism in Tennessee". Maybe it's my Missouri Ozark mountain toots, but I always get a hoot out of the newspaper names Mark Twain comes up with in this story... and I strongly suspect they are "based on a true story".

Of all the great newspaper names he mentions in the story (The Semi-weekly Earthquake, The Mud Springs Morning Howl, The Morning Glory and Johnson County War-Whoop), for some reason I get the biggest tickle out of The Higginsville Thunderbolt and Battle Cry of Freedom. The story of why I named an original banjo instrumental song after this one (may "that ass, Blossom" the able editor forever rest in peace!) is explained in the video. So I suppose I should shut up and let you get on with it!




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