Could this be the birth of the Donald Shanty?

It's a good start to your day when, with your coffee, you find a new sea shanty lyric. Still some work to do, but it's mostly there. Check out the draft of one verse, below. I guess this will become a companion to my Noah's Ark shanty.


Painting of Daniel in the Lion's Den (from Wikipedia)The prophet Dan'l he bullyragged
The ruddy old skipper of old
For worshippin' of vain idols
He'd be goin' where the weather ain't cold
The ruddy old skipper didn't like it
He tossed Dan'l in a lion's den
But an angel come down from Hivven
An' took him right out again
(An' he said...)

Listen here, you
For the deeds yer do
Yer arse will be goin' to Hell
Oh yer arse will be goin' to Hell

© 2017 Robert Palomo


I think I know where this came from. I'd just seen a post that reminded me that El Trumpo the Magnificent, a.k.a. "Icon of the Free World", will soon be meeting the Pope. I was wondering in passing what sort of message His Holiness will have for him. Hmmm. There are halyard type shanties. And capstan type shanties. Could this be the birth of a new type? The Donald Shanty?

If you'd like to hear the first cut as soon as I get music for it, join me Scurvy Crew - they're the only ones who get in on stuff like that! ;-)

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