Congress Cards: Get Your Elected Pirate's Attention

These days many of my American compatriots are "engaging" with their elected pirates... er, make that, representatives. Many use electronic means, but old-fashioned "snail mail" can be effective when time is not of the essence, according to some sources. The trick with that is getting eyes on your missive before it hits the bin.

To help with this, I've created Shillelagh O'Toole Congress Cards - now available at my Virtual Merch Table on Here's the first design:

This post card's design features:

  • Official Shillelagh O'Toole Irish pirate character and artwork from the video (front)
  • The "lesson of Shillelagh O'Toole" from the song* (front)
  • Bold salt-flavored caption "NOW HEAR THIS!" (front)
  • QR code that goes to the CD Baby page where you can listen to, and buy the single (back)

O'Toole pirate image

Order your Congress Cards now...


Here are some expert and general resources on communications with elected pir... ahem... officials.

* "Someday, somewhere, you'll meet the man whose shillelagh is bigger than yours!" - a good message to land in front of elected pirates even if they don't read what you write. On the day it happens, they can't say no one ever tried to warn them!


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