Baltic Shanty Festival Show Schedule

Just got my schedule from the festival directors of the Baltic Shanty Festival coming up this weekend: 29 June - 2 July. So I herewith let the cat out of the bag.

Friday 29 June:
13:30 ÅSS Paviljongen
16:00 Park in Town
20:00 Albin

Saturday 30 June:
12:00 Inner Yard in Town
14:00 Restaurang Nautical
14:30 s/v Albanus (ship)
15:00 Mayor's Reception Gustaf Eriksson villan  (1 short song)
19:30 Restaurang Nautical again, then as soon as I can get there...
          Sing-along Concert, Badhuspaviljongen - (1 song)

Sunday 1 July:
13:00 Maritime Museum
14:00 ÅSS Paviljongen
17:30 “Leave her Johnny” - Closing concert at Badhuspaviljongen - (1 song)

"So, Robert - are your EXCITED about this?" - I hear you ask. Well, my friend...

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