And away we go... again!

Welcome the the Banjo-centric Blog, version 2!

I've just pulled the plug on my web site and moved it to a new hosting service that specializes in sites for musicians. There were some trade-offs involved, one being that the blog from the old host could not be preserved. That's OK... I can re-post some of the better stuff and pretend that it's never been seen before <lol>!

And away we go!This  is where I will post any new songs and videos first. But there's going to be more here than just music. Among other things I'm thinking about:

  • This is my very own forum for Polemic Pontification and I will indulge myself... occasionally. ;-)

  • I like to cook. My grandma started teaching me when I was 7 - been at it ever since. Look for some favorite recipes amid things musical.

  • The new host really limits descriptions of pics in the Photo Gallery. So I'll be posting pix from there with the full story behind them. And of course, I hope to be doing stuff that will result in new pics!

What else would interest you? Leave a comment and let me know!


Thanks for stopping by. Have a nice day. Stay out of jail.

- Robert


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