A new Pirate Song for the new Golden Age of Piracy 

PIRATE: any plunderer, predator, etc. 

People generally think that the "Golden Age of Piracy" was centuries in the past. True, there was one back then. However, if you think about it, we're seeing another one right now. But today's pirates have wised up quite a lot. Not for them any cramped, smelly, leaky wooden sailing ships, at the mercy of winds and waves, as like as not to be scuttled to Davy Jones in the next big blow. Not for them the insecurity that outraged Authority is chafing to hang them high if they're ever recognized ashore. 

A new Golden Age of Piracy 

No, shipmates, today's pirates do well for themselves, inhabiting plush corporate board rooms, limos, private jets, city penthouses, and gated mansions in favored locales like Wall Street, Silicon Valley, City of London, and other havens of finance and power. And far from outraged, Authority today has pirates occupying its highest echelons. Lower-echelon Authority fawns on the pirate class, and is ever eager to serve on their crews in exchange for a few leavings dropped into their re-election campaign coffers, off-shore bank accounts, or weapon hoards.

Folks, there has never been an age quite so Golden for plundering, predatory Pirates! Therefore, I think there must be some new Pirate Songs written - and I have undertaken to create one.

Worlds without limits 

Johnny Watters is a tribute to the worlds that children create in their imaginations — worlds where there are no limits or boundaries — and to the adult creator of one of the best-loved ones in modern times: the incomparable Bill Watterson. I borrow part of his family name for my young pirate hero, to whom Hobbes just might just decide to reveal his true self, and who might be pals with Calvin, were that young worthy not such a solitary animal.

To revive your inner child's imagination, I've included sounds of wind and waves, storms, spooky owl hoots, and a classic evil laugh by Captain Pirate-speak himself, Robert Newton. Oh, yes... and a few good cannon shots. What was good enough for Tchaikovsky for his 1812 Overture is good enough for my little pirate song!

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