Free Background Music for YouTube Videos

YouTube banner - use my songs in your videosYes... it's true. You can use the songs on this page as background music in your own YouTube videos! You probably have some questions:

Q: How much will it cost me?
Nothing, provided you use only the songs on this page, and use them only in videos you make yourself and upload to YouTube.

Q: Won't I get into trouble with YouTube?
A: No, because I own all the rights, and I grant you permission to use the song in your YouTube videos provided you follow the simple steps  on this page (also in my PDF guide)

Q: What's in it for you, bub?
A: Money! But from advertisers on YouTube, not from you. It's through a little arrangement called "sync licensing".

Q: OK, so how does it work?
A: Like this...

  1. Download one of the audio tracks on this page and incorporate it in a video you make for YouTube. You must use the entire song. You can have a voice-over on top of it, however.

  2. Upload your video containing my song audio to YouTube.

  3. At some point, you’ll see a notice in the COPYRIGHT NOTICES section of your Video Manager on YouTube. This will tell you that "third party content" has been detected. Their little critters have recognized my music because it's in one of my YouTube videos too. This is not a copyright violation notice, though it might seem like it.

  4. Follow YouTube's instructions and acknowledge the third-party content.
    YouTube will then show "relevant" ads to viewers of your video. If those ads generate any $$, I get a share of it, because my music is used. If your video is "monetized", you'll also get a cut of the ad revenue (at least that's how I understand it).

  5. Go promote the livin' **** out of your video and make it go viral. :-)

    I'll help! 
    If you email me a link to your video, I'll post it on my blog, my Facebook page, Twitter, and I'll link to it on my YouTube channel.

READY? Here are the songs:


Song art image  Song art image  Song art image

Song art image