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Here's an acoustic folk-rock song, with just a touch of the ol' banjo, inspired by, well, you know, a member of the opposite sex. Them as have been inspirin’ musicians since music was just 2 rocks banged together. (Read the steamy story on my blog...) 

"Oh no, not again!"-  I hear you groan. 

Yes, again. But you love that kind of stuff. You know you do! Have a listen:

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Written, performed and produced by Robert Palomo
Cover art photo: Elizaveta Revyakina

Martin D35 acoustic guitar
Mid-70s Stewart MacDonald Eagle kit banjo (a.k.a. "The Mutt")
Cort mystery model electric bass
Korg SP100 digital piano with various virtual instruments.

Original Song Lyrics

Cover art imageCHORUS:
Listen to the lady whose name is Morning Dew
She can tell you stories about people, and places
And things that you never knew
She feels a lot like a gunshot
A lot like freezin'-hot
She feels a lot like you
That's why you love to listen to the lady named
Morning Dew

Out of her past she wandered
On a road that was just her own
Til one day the path that she followed
Intersected the one you were on
You couldn't tell exactly where she came from
But it didn't seem to matter anyway
You might not have understood every word that you heard
But it seemed like she had something to say
(And so you'd...)

Repeat Chorus

She has lived amid death and destruction
And somehow emerged mostly whole
She felt the icy grip a demon drug
As it ravaged her body and soul
Somehow she found a way to defeat it
Then for a while she fled far away
Deep in her eyes you can see traces of her pain
And you got no idea what to say
(So you just...)

Listener quote: This is wonderful. I love the lyrics. Colleen D. (UK)Repeat Chorus

Two roads run together for a while or a night
Nobody knows just for how long
Maybe forever, maybe just for today
Maybe you'll cry when she's gone
But even if you wake and tomorrow she's flown
No way you gonna say you got burned
And in the midst of your sorrow
You will know that you have listened and learned
(Just from...)

Repeat Chorus

Copyright © 2015 R. Palomo, Jr. All rights reserved.