In these days of cussin' and discussin' gay/transgender issues, it would probably never raise an eyebrow. But way back when - say my high school days in the U.S. Rust Belt - if the word had got out that a (born) male of the species had gone to a beauty salon and had a session with a manicurist... I still shudder to think of the fallout! So why did I, a baby-boomer gent with friends who are grandparents, decide to go for my first-ever salon manicure?

Welcome the the Banjo-centric Blog, version 2. I've just pulled the plug on my web site and moved it to a new hosting service, one that specializes in hosting sites for musicians. There were some trade-offs involved in the move, one being that the blog from the old host could not be preserved. That's fine... it will give me the chance to re-post some of the better stuff and pretend that it's never been seen before <lol!>

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