Sometimes you get more than you bargained for... in a good way. And sometimes you need to put aside old prejudices and just listen to what a guitar is saying about itself.

Title imageWhen it comes to music, it's preferable to keep things separate. There are times when you simply gotta take a stand. These times are them.

Song title are thumbnailIf a fruitcake political hack can blithely rewrite history to suite the singin' between his ears, I figure can rewrite a classic sea shanty to give him rats for it.

Once again it's time for the wearin' o' the Green and the drinkin' of the Beer!


Song art imageYou think all sea shanties are for men?

Think again. Here's a brand new one in celebration of International Women's Day.

Playing banjo with the Shanty Choir Tallship MIR Did you know that you can listen to all my released music online? Well you know it now! Click on in for a free audio stream, and links to where you can explore for more.

Shanty choirAhoy! Let to top-gallants! Helm 2 points to starboard! Look lively there! And answer the bloody phone!!!

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