Earlier this summer I joined my friends who comprise the Shanty Choir Tall Ship MIR - a sort of semi-official musical group of the STS Mir. We drove from Saint-Petersburg to Kotka, Finland to meet the ship, which was sailing in the 2017 Baltic Sea Tall Ships Races. We sailed with the ship across the Baltic to Tallinn, Estonia, where we did a show at the city marina.

The groups piper, Viktor, who is also an active tall ship sailor, arranged for a photographer/videographer to follow the group. Among his equipment was a copter drone with which he shot some amazing footage of Mir and the tall ships leaving Kotka. Viktor had also scripted out scenes for a music video, and during the afternoon en route to Tallinn we dressed in nautical garb and went before the camera. A few weeks later the video came out... and I think they did a great job with it.


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Za Bortom! (Men Overboard) promo picI and a couple of "mates" will be performing my "new old sea songs" at the Harwich International Sea Shanty Festival in Harwich, England this October. WOOT!!!

Thumbnail photoWhen it comes to Hawaiian shirts (a.k.a. island, tropical, aloha) there are 2 basic schools of fashion thought: tasteful design, and correct. As high summer comes in, you may find the information in this post highly useful... one way or the other.

Thumbnail imageClassic Crosby Stills & Nash played in sea shanty style with traditional instruments...


Actually, it makes for a fun little video. Check it out!

Painting of Daniel in the Lion's DenThere are halyard type shanties.

And capstan type shanties.

Could this be the birth of a new type: The Donald Shanty?

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