Painting of Daniel in the Lion's DenThere are halyard type shanties.

And capstan type shanties.

Could this be the birth of a new type: The Donald Shanty?

Special Edition Congress CardThere arise times in the affairs of mice and men and women when there's nothing for it but to write a stiff admonition to your elected pirates... er... representatives in Washington. Now is one of those times. And this is a way to get your missive noticed.

Shillelagh O'Toole Congress Cards collectionLooking for a way to write to your elected pirates... uh, representatives... that will stand out from the rest of the incoming on their slush pile? And maybe even get passed on the the Captain?

Introducing the new Shillelagh O'Toole Congress Cards collection. The first one, with a nice salty "Now Hear This" on the front, is available now, and more are in the works.

Drunken Sailor song art imageCLICK BAIT!!!! Gotcha! Haaaarrrrrr!

But really, folks, this here post does in fact musically reveals 6 of the most popular and time-tested drunken sailor solutions. And it does it with that instrument folks love to hate: "the glory-beaming banjo" (who but Mark Twain would put it like that?) That's what I do with a drunken sailor!

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